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Imagination . . . Our Greatest Superpower

I keep going back to the definition of Imagination given by the occult writer Colin Wilson;

“Imagination is the ability to grasp realities that are not immediately present”

Colin Wilson

If you think about it, its a pretty remarkable capability

According to Albert Pike it is one of the working tools…… of an initiate, He writes in Morals and Dogma, and I am paraphrasing here……

“All the Forces at our disposal or under our control or subject to our influence, are our working tools.”

Albert Pike

It is how we evolve……

It is how we are able to see and navigate the interior worlds

Create a better life for ourself, our family/tribe and the world.

But . . . as the poet William Blake says:

“A fool sees not the same tree as a wise man sees.”

William Blake

The marriage of Heaven and Hell

• We can fill our minds with, what is not only useless, but dangerous to ourselves and others.

• We begin to see the world as dangerous, divided, limited or that our best days are behind us.

• We begin to question our own sense of self, our own capabilities.

• We begin to wonder if it is all worth our attention any more

• We give way to cynicism which has a withering effect upon our soul.

“When one who has a rich mental life sees a thousand things which are nothing to the mentally poor, this shows as clearly as sunlight that the content of reality is only the reflection of the content of our minds and that we receive from without only the empty form.”

Rudolf Steiner

It doesn’t have to be this way.

It all comes down to this;

Our imagination is a reflection of our inner life and to change the trajectory of our imagination, we begin by making changes at the interior level.

Many of us today find ourselves at a crossroads……

We are slowly making our way through one of the most remarkable years in history at a global level that I would suggest has impacted the life of every human being alive.

• Can you imagine a world that works for you?

• What would this world look like…feel like. How would your experiences be different?

• Who would be part of that world?

• How about a world that works for all? What would that be like?

“I am guided by the same intelligence and inspired by the same imagination which scatters the moon beams across the waves and holds the forces of nature in its grasp.”

Ernest Holmes

The fraternal brotherhood that Albert Pike belonged to understands that there is a law of attraction. It can be used as a tool for those familiar with this interior world. That great intelligence that is available to us.

This Intelligence has many names . . .

It is way more nuanced than what the book and movie, The Secret was about…its richer, deeper and not just centered on the self. It understands we are citizens of the cosmos that we are participating through our imaginations and manifestations as to how this planet is evolving. I would like to offer you a Seven Step Guide articulated by another brother from this sacred order…..Hank Kraychir;

1. Know what you desire….be specific….put emotions into the images

2. Believe it will happen. If you can’t believe it will happen…it won’t. Begin to imagine as if it is already done.

3. Visualize your desires……daily

4. Have an inner dialog with yourself. The use of affirmations introduces positive thought into your consciousness. Begin to have better conversations with yourself.

5. Ask yourself better questions; Instead of asking yourself how you could have been so foolish, ask yourself ‘what to I need to learn?’

6. Let it go. Once your desire is set in motion set it free, hold it lightly.

7. Always be grateful. Influences our thoughts with powerful energy.

At this level of self mastery, we are able to engage with life at a much more powerful level….But this isn’t the end of the matter . . .

“A moment of clarity without any action is just a thought that passes in the wind, But a moment of clarity followed by an action is a pivotal moment in our life.”

don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

Our imagination should inspire us to action, to engage in the world and not retreat

“Imagination is the ability to grasp realities that are not immediately present”

Colin Wilson

• We begin to see ourselves and everything around us differently.

• It leads to experience and new life in a new world.

• We can see the handiwork of Divine Intelligence in everyone and all things,

• It inspires and fills us with a sense of awe and wonder and amazement.

• It motivates us to engage….to be of service to something greater than ourselves

I love the song from John Lennon, Imagine. It has become sort of an anthem for cultural creatives.

Let that be our blessing and our prayer today…..and everyday.

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