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A Thought or Two for the Week

Something I have been thinking a lot about this past week in regard to this last few years is how we all came together within days to organize. Imagine what really is possible…imagine just one thing that you feel “if we could just get this right, the whole planet would benefit.” This is evolution become intentional, this is God in action. I have been thinking a lot about my conversation with Neale Donald Walsch a few years ago: “Sooner or later every thinking person comes around again to this question:Is it possible-just possible-that there is something we don’t fully understand about ourselves, about life, and yes, about God…the understanding of which would change everything?” NDW “The only way that someone can be of help to you is by challenging your ideas” Anthony de Mello, S.J. So perhaps we as persons, as a community begin to challenge our ideas at a fundamental level; like what kind of universe to we live in? What is the nature of the Divine? Who am I really? Where did I come from? And, what am I here to do? Or as Neal Donald Walsch says; “We have to be clear that the question we are asking is: Why not choose God to be experienced as a part of us, and as that of which all beings and all aspects of life are comprised?” What we know today from the modern sciences is that evolution is our fundamental reality. The narrative of nature can be summed up in one word; evolution. Evolution is a function of information and complexity; an increase in complexity corresponds to a rise in consciousness. It is not just a human consciousness, but a planetary consciousness Illa Delio states But the fact is, earth is the primary reality and we are derivative of earthly life…….. We aren’t meant to control nature., but instead to be its mind and heart as it seeks its ultimate fulfillment.” Illa Delio OFM Let’s let that sink in…..we are meant to be the mind and heart of earthly life as it seeks its ultimate fulfillment. “We have to stop, just stop, behaving the way we have been, and call forth from within us a New Way to be Human-a way that allows us to embrace singularity without creating separation, to express differences without producing divisions, and to experience contrasts without generation conflicts.” NDW Let us consider this.

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1 Comment

Mari Young
Mari Young
Aug 10, 2022

Interesting, thank you I love how you make me think Rev Guy!! 🙂

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